LIGHT & SPACE opens at David Weeks Studio, on view through May 2

David Weeks Studio is pleased to present Light & Space, an exhibition featuring Melissa McGill and David Weeks on view at 38 Walker Street from March 14−May 2, 2018.

Melissa McGill’s recent work, 100 Breaths, is made up of 100 unique works on paper. Each is made with her breath, blowing metal dust suspended in varnish to create drawings that refer to both geography and the body. These gold, copper and silver forms are highly responsive to ambient light and changes throughout the day, as the light changes in the room. They flare up and soften as the viewer moves and looks at them from different angles. The light animates the work, bringing it to life, creating an experience in the moment.

David Weeks’ Lorre is an installation of kinetic lights. Drawn from the idea of altering a space with simple lines, the series utilizes copper cables to create definition. Using the inherent conductivity of the cable, the light source is free to move without the constraints of wiring.

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