The Campi at Miart: Francesco Pantaleone’s booth D17, April 12-15

Visit Francesco Pantaleone’s booth at Miart to see The Campi, a sculptural sound project that invokes the Venetian Campo: an open, irregularly shaped public square that is the historic heart of the neighborhood.

The architectural footprints of three different campi –Campo San Polo, Campo Santa Maria Nova and Campo Santa Maria Formosa–  are translated precisely into three dimensions, taking the form of a series of elegant black lacquered wooden boxes, reminiscent of music boxes. When closed, each box murmurs softly until the viewer lifts the lid to release a world of everyday ambient sounds recorded in that particular campo, capturing the imagination as it conjures up the rich environments of these centers of Venetian living architecture. The sense of sound captures and transports one to a memory of a place in a different, but as meaningful way, as visual memory. By isolating the aural experience of place, the artwork captures the subtle the nuances of daily Venetian life – the snippets of conversation between neighbors, calls from passing working boats and gondoliers, children playing, footsteps in a walking city where sound is reflected on stone free from the din of traffic.

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