These Waters at Vacheron Constantin Featured in ArtNet

These Waters at Vacheron Constantin Featured in ArtNet

“Nestled in a vestibule in Midtown Manhattan is an oasis of glistening waters: five glass panels of varied heights are printed with images of rippling water and overlaid atop one another. Light pours through the panes and projects a glowing blue tint on the walls behind them that they lean on, subtly pulling the space into the artwork.

“I wanted the work to engulf you and act as a portal, transforming the space it’s installed in,” the artist, Melissa McGill, told Artnet News. The piece, titled These Waters, is a commission for the show “Anatomy of Beauty,” which is open through September at the Vacheron Constantin flagship. “The viewer is both reflected in the work and swept into it. The size and placement of each glass panel evokes the rise and fall of the tides.”

Although it may look primordial and mystical, the waters depicted here are images of the Hudson River, near the upstate New York town where McGill resides.

Her scope ranges from hyperlocal to interstellar. “These Waves has a cosmic dimension,” she explained, “connecting to the way waves ripple with starlight in the sun connecting heaven and earth.”

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